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at a news conference in nevada. >> her body was discovered this morning not far from the music festival she attended at lake tahoe community college. she told friends she was headed back to the horizon casino in nevada. we have coverage on the sad story. we begin with katie marzullo in the newsroom. katie? >> the undersheriff walked to the podium and quickly and calmly revealed the heartbreaking news at 8:30 a utility worker found the body about 10 feet from the road over a snowbank. >> we just if the last few moments confirmed identity of alyssa byrne. i have notified her father. the investigation continues at this time. we still do not suspect any foul play. any inquiries as to causef o death will be at a later time by the county sheriff. >> you heard him say they do not suspect foul play and he says her body has no outward sign of trauma, that she was wearing the clothes she was last seen in and her body was not covered and found on a walking route from the concert where she was with her friends back to her hotel a few miles away but the investigators say many people made the walk becaus
.. y el departamento del alguacil del condado de douglas en nevada.... inidico que tambien revelaran los ultimos detalles de este caso.. blanca ---123 victimas de explotacion sexual infantil fueron identificadas por el servicio de inmigracion y ciudadania durante un operativo especial en todo el pais. take vo ----de esa cifra, 44 menores fueron rescatados de las garras de sus abusadores y otros 79 fueron explotados fuera de su hogar y ahora ya han cumplido la mayoria de edad. take half slab ---la operacion "sunflower" fue ejecutada la primera semana del pasado mes de diciembre y un total de 245 sospechosos fueron detenidos en 19 estados. ---en la bahia se detuvo a un sujeto quien pretendia viajar a filipinas para tener relaciones con una niÑa de 13 aÑos. blanca ---la patrulla de caminos revelo hoy la cifra de detenciones de conductores ebrios durante el periodo festivo. take vo ---para los 11 condados que conforman el area de la bahia, se registro un leve descenso en los arrestos en comparacion con el aÑo pasado. take half slab ---por ejemplo, en el condado de santa clara hubo 432
overnight. an underground pipe flooded part of the road but no damage to the nearby homes. >>> nevada investigators are looking far missing petaluma teenager. 19-year-old alyssa byrne was last seen on new year's eve and ktvu's tar -- tara moriarty is in petaluma. >> we have learned that in nevada the douglas county sheriff's department is going to be holding a press conference at 10:00 this morning. we'll of course let you know what they have to say. meanwhile this is the restaurant here behind me called beyond the glory. it's one of four local restaurants going to hold fundraisers. this is an agonizing time for her family. we met with her mom yesterday knowledge. she was hopeful and -- morning. and she was hopeful and terry eyed and simply waiting by the phone. her husband is in lake tahoe right now and he's obviously looking for alyssa. he's been there for the past few days and search and rescue teams did scour the area by helicopter and snow shoe and plan to do the same today. she vanished around my night from the horizon casino hotel. she has gone there have after leaving an outdo
festival in south lake tahoe. >> she was last seen shortly after midnight in state line, nevada. abc 7 news is there. this is so tough for everybody in the family. >> earlier today we spoke with the mother and brother. today, we had an opportunity to hear from the father for the first time. you know, douglas county sheriff's office search and rescue team are looking for petaluma resident alist why burn, today we learned new information, cheryl, that confirming activity on her cell phone after midnight. now this, is new because investigators had originally believed that the last call was before midnight. now, investigators confirmed either a car or a text was placed from her phone later than earlier reported but they caution it does not mean that the phone was in alisa's possession. the search expanded to include investigators moving through every room of the horizon ka seeno today a plea from her father for her safe return. >> my hope is if she's out there f you're out there, just come home. >> it's either a call or a text. it is an activity. 003. >> law enforcement officials from reno are
, un frente frÍo hace bajar la temperatura en varios estados del norte, provocÓ nevadas que afecta a 4 estados en mÉxico, y sorprendiÓ hasta los expertos en meteorologÍa. a ti tambiÉn eduardo. cuÉntanos que podemos hacer en cada ciudad. >>> tambiÉn hablare en cuestiÓn de segundos, esta perturbaciÓn y aire frÍo trajo esa nieve, y tenemos tiempo complicado en el sureste del paÍs lluvia ligera, un sistema frontal que no debe llegar al sur de la florida, bastante nublado orlando, tampo, nesa zona mayor posibilidad de lluvia. y y posibilidad de algunos chubascos. vamos a esa zona que estuvo nevando, nuevo mÉxico, surerest de arizona, la parte norte de chihuahua, y aquÍ las advertencias de condiciones invernales para ese territorio, pudiera caer mÁs nieve, granizo, incluyendo sectores de texas. 33 dallas, y ustedes pudieran tener algo de granizo invernar, algunos copitos durante el dÍa de maÑana, con mÁximas de 38. es la situaciÓn. pero el nordeste del paÍs un poco de nieve. nueva york el efecto de los lagos dejÓ nieve. temperaturas frÍas, para esta noche temperaturas de
's department searches snow-covered stateline nevada for 19- year-old alyssa byrne. >> her description fits a lot of people appear that night, with black your pets, and black ski jacket. black -- yoga pants... that describes about one- third of the girls that were of. that night. >> catherine: and now deputies are offering a one- thousand dollar reward in the search for alyssa. she was attending "snow globe," an electronic music festival is south lake tahoe that was held over the new year's holiday. she was reported missing here's the last picture taken of alyssa. her parents say they sent her a text monday night.but she didn't respond. her mother is understandably distraught. >> keep everybody sprayers and good thoughts here is no other option she is coming home. >> catherine: alyssa's father, who lives in tahoe, along with her friends, is helping search the area where she was last seen. deputies say they have no leads, but there are some clues they're investigating. and the we have three events. she got on a shuttle bus to come back to the horizon casino and her friends returned, separate
this morning, they found her body. >>> douglas county sheriff's investigators in nevada confirmed the news no one wanted to hear. the body of 19-year-old alyssa byrne was found in south lake tahoe just a few miles away from the concert venue where her friends last saw her. allie rasmus is live in the newsroom now. so alley, do they suspect foul play? >> reporter: no, investigators say they do not. but they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to the teen. 19-year-old alyssa byrne disappeared while attending the snow globe musical festival on new year's eve in south lake tahoe. she left her friends around midnight to walk back to the hotel where they were staying. within hours, investigators and search-and-rescue crews combed the area looking for any sign of her. then at 8:30, utility workers made a grim discovery in the snow. a body found ten feet away from the road. >> the body could not be seen by people walking or driving by because of the elevated snow berms. >> it was a utility work that was able to observe the body. >> reporter: investigators say her body did no -- ha
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-old petaluma girl resume their search in lake tahoe area after last being seen at a bar in nevada. her cell phone was last used at 12:03 that morning which is later than first thought. teams have searched the area and are going room to room at resort. $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to her return. our reporter is live in petaluma this morning with a live report in the next half hour. >> this afternoon, the three primary suspects in the murder of a venture capitalist are scheduled to appear in court. one suspect made a brief appearance yesterday, he and two others are charged with killing the entrepreneur in the mansion last year. the defendants are elogy gibel -- eligible for the death penalty so they may talk. >> it put as lot of pressure and tones discuss the issue with their clients carefully. it is a tremendous bargaining chip for the prosecution. >> dixon from am -- alameda is another suspect. >> the new congress is gearing up to get to work with a full plate in front of them with their fair share of bitter ballots for voting. our abc news reporter joins us live from w
: that's right. we understand the sheriff's office in nevada is gonna hold a press conference at 10:00 this morning. hopefully we'll learn more information. the restaurant behind me, beyond the flory, this is one of -- glory, this is one of four restaurants that will help with the search. alyssa's mother and brother have been by the phone waiting to hear any news while her father has been up in the lake tahoe for the past few days looking for his daughter. search and rescue teams scoured the area by helicopter and snow knew-- snowshoe. she vanished on new year's eve from the horizon hotel. one friend who said he spotted her in the lobby that night says alyssa didn't seem to be herself. he said she appeared intoxication but was not in distress. so far all of these searches have turned up nothing. >> apparently it was -- it revealed nothing which i was very revealed to find out. you know, i'm hoping -- i'm hopeful that that means she's in an area where at least she's warm. >> reporter: now, investigators have discovered a new signal, transmitted from her phone just minutes after the n
. they are also searching around nevada for the missing girl. coming up at 6:30 we'll show you what investigates, are saying about the search-and- rescue effort. >>> california just hit a major healthcare reform milestone. the feds today gave the state the go-ahead to launch its own insurance exchange. the online marketplace will allow individuals and small businesses to compare plan benefits and prices before they buy. it's one of the many requirements of the president's healthcare overhaul plan. the goal is to make health insurance more affordable. california's exchange should be running by october. >>> new at 6:00 the lawsuit that's a first-of-its-kind in the state. a modesto man is suing three sacramento smoke shops. ben sosenko says the man wasn't warned how sick he could get from using something called a whippet. >> actualone point that we had to and out for clergy. >> reporter: jason says he barely survived. now he uses a walker and at times has trouble speaking. he says it's all because he inhaled nitrous oxide. >> i had had it many times at the dentist's office. >> reporter: he thought
. alyssa byrne was last seen at the horizon casino resort in state-line nevada.where byrne and friends were staying. friends say they saw byrne at the horizon casino bar just after midnight january first. earlier that night - new year's eve - byrne and globe music festival at the lake tahoe community college. that's about 3 miles from the resort. crews are focusing their search in the area near the horizon casino resort.that's right along highway 50.just east of the lake. here is a closer look. you can see how close it is today. they are going through the rural areas as well as the search communities going for this hour. >> catherine: stay with us as we continue. updates are available on www.kron4.com for facebook fan page banta twitter. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room football related 49ers kicker david acres that you see it is talking about receiving death thr eats last week. he has revealed that heat has double hernia surgery. his first year in the san francisco he was great with making 44 of the 52 field goals. so far, not as much and gary radnich will have more coming up with a
. >> when you talk of the new information that comes from the nevada investigators would will have a news conference this morning. here in petaluma this is one of the scenes where people are doing something, have to do something to try to help the effort to find missing 19-year-old alyssa byrne here with a fundraiser. others, as well, and more in that in a moment. the real focus is south lake tahoe where she disappeared new year morning. >> i hope she is out there and alyssa byrne if you are, just come home. auburn burn was at a concert new year's eve. her last two communications were from the concert site and shortly after midnight she was back at the horizon hotel where she was taking and she saw someone there would she knew and she used her phone and texted or tweeted they are not sure. look at tweets that came out from alyssa byrne 1. "after tonight you will never be part of my life" and another says "just lost all my trust in the person i trusted the most." they look like the words of someone who is very depressed or very sad. however, investigators are not sure she wrote them. >> st
while at a south lake tahoe music festival on new years eve. alyssa byrnes' father is in nevada and air and ground searches have been going on all day. kimberly has new details. she joins us live from petaluma where the teenager's mother is waiting and hoping for the best. >> reporter: hoping for the best and hoping her daughter will walk into the front door any time now. today, authorities did expand the search area in lake tahoe and are continuing to conduct interviews, both in lake tahoe and also here in petaluma. friends who saw 19-year-old alyssa byrne right before she went missing say she was not acting like herself. >> she was a really happy personal girl. >> reporter: they were in tahoe for the three-day outdoor snow globe music festival. her friends say on new years eve she left the concert to head back to the hotel by herself. that's when one of her friends say he ran into her in the lobby and something wasn't right. >> she seemed intoxicated or under the influence of some type of drug. >> reporter: this was the last interaction friends had with her. >> we probably called her
door to door at the horizon casino resort in state line, nevada, searching for any signs of 19-year-old alyssa byrne. >> reporter: kim byrne last saw her 19-year-old daughter on saturday when she left their petaluma home with three friends headed for a weekend in south lake tahoe. alyssa texted her parents every day of the trip until she went missing on new year's eve. >> i know that this is very much unlike her to not call or text somebody to let them know that she's okay. >> reporter: alyssa and her friends had gone to a party as that night called snow globe. this is video another person posted on youtube. alyssa took a shuttle from the party to the hotel the horizon on new year's eve. the last her friends heard from her was at about 8:00 that night. >> i'm hoping maybe she is just out there being a typical teenager and just having a great time and letting time slip away from her. >> reporter: alyssa works at cattle man's restaurant in petaluma as a hostess. she is also taking classes at the local junior college to be a firefighter paramedic. she was last seen at a bar at the hori
m temperatura n, ha provocado n d nevadas que afecta a cuatro e a estados, que ha sorprendidxo h t hasta a los expsetertos. >>a ti tambiÉn, mi querido ed r eduardo, dinos que podemos hacer en centro sismolÓgicodada ciuda. >>estga pa perturbacion aire fÍn norte de mÉxico ha traido esto. lluvia ligera carolina del norte sur. un sistema frontal que se mueve lento, pero no llega al sur de la florida. orlando tampa se verna an afec s afectados. >>vamos a la zona donde nieva, t t texas, mÉxico, parte norte de chihuahauua coÁgulo de sangroai. >>condiciÓnes invernales para todo este territorio, en las proxim prÓximas horas podrÍa caer ni e nieve. temperaturas frias, 18 amaril l amarillaamarillao, 33 dallas, podrirdrÍan ver gran. >>maxima 38. texas sigue pade padeicendo dpade padeciendo sequÍa. los efectos de los lagos siguen dejando nieve, sin llegar al r corredor de la i s'i i tem p r temperaturatemperaturas muy frias. >>corredor nordeste temperaturas muy frias a. >>minieaeapolis 11 grdados, por tarde llega a 28. esto es lo que se ve en seatle, lo que mejora para maÑana
. >> and coming up, ktvu's ken pritchett is live in nevada where the such is going on and he will have the latest information. >>> a vigil held in san francisco where a man was stabbed to death last weekend. [ singing ] >> this morning people prayed for him. investigators say he was stabbed early sunday. they began holding vigils. >>> judge announced he is retiring. he will step down two weeks from tomorrow. the judge turned 70 at the end of the month and served the court in various positions. he most recently served as judge of family court. governor jerry brown will appoint his replacement. >>> the state department said secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering and eager to return to work. >> some of the senior staff who spoke to her say that she is sounding terrific, upbeat, ready to go, looking forward to getting back to the office. >> hillary clinton was released from the hospital yesterday. she is being treated to dissolve a blood clot. her illness began with a stomach flu that led to a fainting spell that led to a concussion. she is committed to testifying on the attacks on the u.s.
and north dakota. and now in nevada and even through the process our people are in the right places and they are doing things to become a delegate. it's way too soon for you for anybody. besides, just because somebody is in second or third place, there's a race going on. what if mitt romney isn't the best person? >> people have tried to portray you as a kind of ruthless money machine who some failed, some succeeded, you didn't care, you still got your fees or you made a ton of money but actually quite a few of the companies have failed. a lot of people have lost their money. to me the key question is, do you know instinctively from your recollection how many of those companies that you went into would have failed anyway if you hadn't? >> well, there's no question but a number of places where we went in and invested, we were investing in an enterprise that was in trouble, that where the future was very much in doubt for it and we invested in one business. i think it lost 50 or 60 or more million dollars the year before we invested and a lot of people didn't want to touch it and we we
the smash and grab took all of 90 seconds. no hobby hurt. nevada. a plain went up in flames after a rough landing yesterday after north las vegas airport. it could take investigators months to figure out why the aircraft skidded off the runway. both people on boarding inned to get out before the fire engulfed the cabin. no word of anybody hurt. ohio. identical twin sisters gave birth to baby boys within two hours of each other at a hospital in akron. their due dates were five days apart but one sister went into labor early. their mother says the girls always had a special bond. >> they will go shopping on two totally different occasions not even talking to each other or anything and will end up bringing home the same thing but opposite colors. until this day they do that. >> the new moms say they didn't plan on getting pregnant around the same time it just happened. and that's a fox watch across america. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. the so-called nuclear option is still an option as a brand new senate gets to work. vice president joe biden swearinged in t
, nevada. abc 7 news nick smith is live in south lake tahoe for us and will have a live report at 5:00. >> polly claus the girl found murder wod have turned 32 years old today. the kids foundation launched new tools to protect children from predators including a wrist watch with a steel band, which makes it the first gps child locateor hard to discard. it's also an online program to protect kids from abusive marketers and a missing child's smart phone app. >> get a handle on it. we're getter -- better than we used to be and can be better in the future in responding and dealing with these issues than in the past. >> the foundation set up a fund to help people who are searching for missing children and help with their housing costs. >> another suspect in the murder of a south bay base back after thisman appeared in court today. abc 7 news has been following this sordid saga. >> the latest murder suspect to make an appearance in court just like the two men before, he's accused of killing the victim in his home on november 30th. a fourth suspect is allege alleged prot stit use, police s
be persuaded at 12. i'm staying away. rick in california? >> caller: rick from nevada city. my question is about amrn, amarin. >> overrated stock. i know i'm going to be accosted on the street but it's not one of my favorites. i do my own work and i don't like the stock. it is not one that i want you in. let's go to jared. got to go to jared in florida. jared! >> caller: how you doing, jim? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: i'm okay. my stock is clear, clear communications. >> no -- clear wire communications, and you know what, that one's done, done, done, done, done. no, i do like sprint but i must tell you, sprint, remember, it's a very difficult transaction. stay through sprint at least till next year and by the way, dan hesse, i think notre dame takes the big one. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >>> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, how do your stocks stack up in this mystifying market? cramer makes sure your portfolio makes the grade on "am i diversified?" ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunde
at the horizon casino resort in state line, nevada. investigators searched the area for clue today and found no trace of her. last person to see burns spotted her on the casino floor just after the new year arrive arrived. her family friends in petaluma obviously are extremely worried frantic in fact. however as wayne explains, they are trying to stay positive. >> most day most homes this is happy occasion. friends family from far and wide all unthe same roof. for kim burns that's not the case today. >> they have brought food. they have brought drinks. they have brought hope. >>reporter: nightmare of not knowing. 3 day noose what should have been a happy new year her 19-year-old daughter has vanished without a trace after attending new year's eve concert south lake tahoe. always been a good girl. not a person to drop out of contact. worry her parents or leave valued stuff behind. >> she would not take off without her lap top. she would not take off with at least a couple of toil try items. she would not take off without her dog. >>reporter: the fact she did stuff is left behind.
in the abstract nevada coming clean with the public only if we sharply curtail all popular programs. when i read that quote, what i immediately think of is the debate where governor romney identified big bird because the best that he could come up with in termings of a cut was pbs, which i think makes the point. >> michael, it's a lot worse than that. you may recall that president obama, through the affordable care act, generated 700 in the entitlements. no, they attacked them for those cuts. and they said we'll put it back in. so the hipocrasey is very deep. this is a little economic. just do this thought experiment. suppose you found an honest republican, and there are some, who said we can balance the bungt. if we collect 25% of gdp in revenue and spend 25% in out leis, those balances are out. they would run from you in horror. they're not interested in balancing the budget. they're interested in shrinking the government. however, when it actually comes to plans, trugman is partially right. now, there are republicans who talk about block-granting medicaid. who talk about premium support. they
of north dakota. mr. heller of nevada. ms. hirono of hawaii. mr. kaine of virginia. the vice president: please raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation eely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god? the group: i do. the vice president: congratulations, senators. [applause] the vice president: the clerk will call the names of the next group. the clerk: mr.ing of maine. ms. klobhar of minnesota. mr. manchin of west virginia. mrs. mccaskill of missouri. the vice president: ease raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic; thatou bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or pur
parents are frantic at the terrace apartment searches for snow-covered state line nevada for 19 year-old alyss bryne . >> and now deputies are offering a $1,000 reward for the search of alyssa . >> she was attending snow gol globe, and electric music festival in south lake tahoe that was held over the new year's holiday. >> she was reported missing tuesday, new year's day. here is the last picture of alyssa . her parents say they sent her a text monday night as she did not respond. her mother is understandably distraught. >> her father who lives in tahoe along with her friends, is helping searched the area where she was last seen. deputies say they have no leads, but they are some clues they are investigating. >> for france returned separately. they attended the celebration in the street after that celebration they proceed inside of the casino. they went to bed for the night and called it a night. they saw her on the floor of the horizon hotel-casino. they said high briefly. she seemed in good spirits. she went on tthey went on to bed. >> we are concerned. we have no evidence of foul
family recipe rocks returns. we're in las vegas nevada, at the home of crystal ball as she is hosting this weeks women who wine gathering. a unique gathering of a system of women who get together to eat, drink wine, and let their hair down. we compared crystal's merlot manicotti and it just went into the oven to bake, some of the other group members showed up and our cooking show quickly became a party. hey, hey hey. we get funky and crazier the later it gets and the more wine we pour. it's a sisterhood. when the door opens and another sister walks through that door with a bottle of wine it warms our hart, makes us feel like we have somewhere to go. the girls were in full force drinking and having a good time. and i was defiantly getting used to it but now its time to dive into our next dish. manicotti is in the oven cooking so what is the next dish we're preparing. this is my main my of debbie dixon and she has a recipe called drunken salmon and you've got to try it. so we're going to talk to her, and you can go wine and dine with your girls. alright. yes, talk to me. i'm going to as
for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of electoral vote of the state of nevada seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears therefrom that barack obama of the state of illinois received six votes for president and joseph biden of the state of dollar received six votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of new hampshire seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears therefrom that barack obama of the state of illinois received four votes for president and joseph biden of the state of delaware received four votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of new jersey seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears therefrom that barack obama of the state of illinois received 14 votes for president and joseph biden of the state of delaware received 14 votes for vice president. >> mr. president, the certificate of the electoral vote of the state of new mexico seems to be regular in form and authentic and it appears therefrom that barack obam
juan manuel ma rquez en las vegas, nevada. "a pesar de que sus reflejos son rÁpidos, parece que hay seÑales tempranas de parkinson que se refleja en las manos, y algunos otros signos", declaro Ó el medico. pero el mal vendrÍa de antes y algunos otros mÉdicos que han revisado al pugilista filipino, han pensando que sus dos Últimas derrotas, ante timothy bradley y ' 'dinamita' mÁrquez, habri Ían sido consecuencia de su mal estado de salud. de confirmarse el deterioro en el estado de salud de manny pacquiao, los promotores tendrÍan que abandonar la idea de realizar un quinto y u Último episodio de la batalla con mÁrquez, mismo que estaba casi firmado para noviembre de este aÑo. parece que el retiro del 'pacman' ', estÁ mas cerca que nunca. hay que hay que esperar una segunda opion sobre este caso de manny pacquiao. vamos al futbol internacional porque a pocos dÍas para el inicio del torneo centroamer icano y valido para la copa oro, el portero de los cremas, juan josÉ paredes, quedo fuera de la selecciÓn nacional segÚn el por decisiÓn tÉcnica. el experimentado porter
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